Maps and GPS - Map calibration with Memory-Map

Map calibration with Memory-Map

On this page you will find some hints to calibrate a map. Items you don't find in the help-file or which are scattered in the same help-file.   

Where to find the calibration option?

In Memory-Map 6.x you will find this option in "Map" > "Map Properties" > "Calibration" (first image). In 5.x in "Map" > "Calibration" (second image).

Calibration 6.x Calibatrion 5.x

What does Memory-Map tells us?

Searching the Memory-Map help-file with the keyword "Calibration", "Calibrate a map" or "JPR" will lead you to the subject "Self Scan Maps". This is a description of the workflow for calibration. The description can be cryptic and be aware it is based on older version of Memory-Map. Sometimes you need some imagination.

What doesn't Memory-Map tells us?

There are several important items Memory-Map doesn't tells us about calibration.

Some interesting items